Sunday, September 25, 2011

Patterning Unit

I am always looking for an anchor activity or patterns that are cute and the kids will enjoy so I just created my own. There are several different patterns and Bonus patterns where the children have to figure out the missing piece from the beginning or the middle of the pattern. Also, there is a write the room with patterns and a recording sheet. I can't wait to put these up on Monday.
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It is on sale for 20% off!


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Sunday, September 18, 2011

October Math and Literacy Centers

Well, I have been working through September and trying to get my little ones independent. I started putting together my October Unit in July! I finally am finished. It is 115 pages with over 15 different centers and activities. Now, as much as I dislike the cold weather I am really excited to get to October! LOL Here are some pictures of what the unit contains. I hope you like it.
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Brown Bear Brown Bear Freebies

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Roll and Color was inspired by Jody from Camp Kindergarten. Please read about her version below. It is fabulous.

I have been so inspired by so many people this week. I want to give a big shout out to DeeDee from Mrs. Wills Kindergarten who has put up with me this weekend asking her about a million questions. If you have not seen her lesson plans you should jump over there and check them out. They are fabulous! I can not wait to use her Brown Bear Brown Bear ABC Matching Game. It is so cute.

Also, don't forget to stop by, follow and say hello to Debbie from Sailing through First Grade. She has fabulous freebies and such an adorable blog.

And of course don't forget about Tammy's Mega Giveaway from Live Love Laugh Everyday in Kindergarten. She is giving away at least 2 fabulous units from blogging friends such as Deanna Jump, Erica Bohrer, Amanda Nickerson and Myself. She has some fabulous freebies listed too!

Fran from Kindergarten Crayons has a fabulous new freebie on her sight too. You have to check it out. I love it. I can't wait to do it this week with my Kinders. It is the cutes book called Flipping Over Shapes. Thanks Fran!

Ok, I was so excited to see a Brown Bear Brown Bear Roll and Color. I found this on another adorable blog called Camp Kindergarten. My kids love these and we do them all the time. I printed it out and was putting it in my plans when I noticed that the numbers were using two dice and my kids are not ready for that yet, so I had to create one just with using one dice. Thank you so much Jody for the inspiration for this center. You rock! Definitely stop by her sight and pick up her version. I have it ready to laminate and when my kids are ready, I am pulling it out and letting them use it. We are still working on one on one now! You can find it here.

Wow, did you all really read all of that? I hope I gave you some great blogs and freebies to go check out.

I hope you enjoy them. Have a fantastic week!!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Super Cute New Blog Find!

I found the cutest blog today. If you have not seen Sailing through First Grade, you need to check it out. She has the cutest freebie printables. So cute. I love finding new and exciting blogs!!

Pete the Cat Smart Board and some Freebies!

Kristen from First Grade Teaching introduced me to the cutest smart board lesson place. It is called Smart Lesson Stop. Well, I was on there looking for some cute activities (which they are ALL awesome) but I was SO excited when I found a smart board for PETE THE CAT! How cool is that? It is soooooo adorable. Check it out here. The best part is that it is only $2.50!! I can not wait to do this. The kids are going to love it. This is going to tie in great with my emergent reader Pete the Cat Meets Chester.

Also, I created some free centers to go along with the Color Day Fun Unit I bought from Made For 1st Grade. I LOVE their stuff. They also have an adorable Fire Unit now available which is in my cart to purchase sometime soon. It is going to be a great addition to my Fire Safety unit, and a few other Fire Safety items I have listed on TPT. Thank goodness, October planning done! So here are some color activities. Have fun with them.
Click here:

Other fun first week activities that my kids were able to do and LOVED were The Speedy Race game and Speedy Math. What a great way to reinforce numbers and letters and letter sounds if they are at that point. They also loved my Kissing Hand Chester unit and now think I have magical powers and I can read their minds because of the Chester Magic Wheel. How funny is that? We are off to a great start!

On another side note, I have been so busy with the beginning of the school year and getting my house a complete makeover. I will have to post pictures when it is ALL finished. We got new siding, windows, roof, garage door and front door. The best part of the front door is that it is DOG PROOF! Can you believe it. The owner is so sweet and he knows how "active" (like that teacher word) my dogs are so the screen that we can put in it in the summer will not break, but bend with the dogs if they jump on it. I am amazed. That makes my life so much better. I can not wait for them to put it in. I can finally keep my front door open and not worry about the dogs! All exciting things, but of course as luck would have it the week they started we had the earthquake, hurricane and the tornado. AND of course the NON-STOP rain all week. So needless, to say there were a few leaks that had to be cleaned up and I am trying to reorganize the whole house now. But anyway, I wanted to thank Creating and Teaching and Live Love and Laugh Everyday in Kindergarten for nominating me as one of their top 10 blogs! I am completely honored. You guys rock!

And also Thank You Karla from Life in Special Education for nominating my blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. I am so overwhelmed with all these nominations. I am hoping to be able to also pass these along to all of you.

And last but not least, Jacque from Mommy and Me Creations for featuring my Piggy Shape Graph on her blog. What an exciting two weeks. Thank you everyone!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Live Laugh and Love Mega Giveaway!

Tammy at Live, Love, Laugh Everyday in Kindergarten totally rocks! She has a fantastic blog and I love following her! She is having a Mega Teacher Giveaway. Hop over to her blog and enter today.