Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bright Ideas

Wow, reading all these awesome ideas is just fabulous.  I am having such a great time thinking about how I can implement these all in my classroom!  I have a cute idea that I do in my classroom and I hope you can use it.  It is our classroom Magic Spray.  It is very simple to use and the kids love it.  I have a spray bottle and I fill it with water.  Sometimes I will use food coloring or glitter in the bottle to make it more fun.  When I need the children to concentrate really hard or if we are having a hard time keeping quiet in the classroom, I will pull it out and tell my students that we need some magic to help us.  I spray the bottle and instantly the children are on task.  I tell them we can only spray it at most 2 times a day otherwise all the magic will be gone.  It is a quick and easy way to redirect children and have a fun time doing it.  I hope you liked my Bright Idea!  

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