Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Well, it was just a few weeks ago that Ashley had a gymnastics meet in the Bahamas and I am really wanting to go back about now.  
In Delaware, we are at a balmy 4 degrees with wind chill -14.  Umm... Hello..... I do not do cold weather.  I would be the happiest person living in 100 plus degree weather all the time. 

 I love Maxine and I think she says it best when........

Thinking about Warm Weather again!

Ashley's gymnastics coach took this picture. 

But getting back to the Bahamas.  We had such a great time.  When we got there Tom had surprised us with a driver waiting.  If you are ever going to the Bahamas this is the service you want.  His mom owns it and he was the nicest driver EVER!  

 I would HIGHLY recommend her and you will be SO happy.  Read all the wonderful comments here on Trip Advisor.  

Her name is Sandra Ferguson and you can find all her information out here!

We had a blast in the Bahamas.  It was beautiful and Ashley did a great job.  

Vault: 5th
Bars: 3rd
Beam: 2nd
Floor: 4th
All Around: 3rd

Way to go Ashley!  I think my kids said it best in the airport coming home.  Look at those sad faces!

And so here we are now on this cold day......  haha  Summer is around the corner right?  Let's hope so.  In the meantime,  I hope this blog post made you smile with some funny pictures.  

 Maxine...... make us smile one more time........


Does this not say it all?  I found this last night while I was under my fleece blanket trying to stay warm.   She has the cutest blog and has so many adorable ideas and creations!  Sometimes being cold can be fun.  You can drink lots of hot chocolate!

Check out her blog here:

Tom and I say stay warm! Although, he is from Upstate New York, so I think he actually likes this weather.  He is enjoying his new tractor and has made trails through the backyard so the kids can go sledding down them.  Yes, he will always be a kid at heart and I will always be grateful that I can watch from inside and have the hot chocolate ready for them when they get back.  LOL  Someone has to sacrifice staying warm for the sake of others.  I volunteer!   Enjoy your day. Make a fire, cuddle with your family and remember summer is coming.



Saturday, January 4, 2014

Let's Go Eagles and a Freebie!

Go Eagles...... here it comes ...... I can here my husband yelling at the TV already.  To cheer the Eagles on and hopefully to a win I have a number sense football freebie for you!  

Click on the picture to get it.  

Now the best part about the football games..... the food!  I am off to get some tasty treats!

Go Eagles!


Getting Ready for the 100th Day and Easy Winter Centers!

One of my favorite days of the year is the 100th day of school.  On the very first day of school, we start the calendar and I tell the children that all those blank 10 frames will soon be filled up and then we are going to have a BIG party!  All they hear is party but that is ok.  Slowly, we put the dots in the ten frames and now that we are close, they keep telling me that it is almost time for the party. When we get to the last dot in the frame, it will 100 days of school.  I love it because now they are able to communicate using their math talk of how they know it will be the 100th day.  Some of them will say you can count by 1's on the ten frames.  I tell them I am way too old to count by 1's that would take way too long.  So then they say, you can count by 10's.  I always say,  "I like that answer better."   No matter how they get there, they all look forward to it.  We have a few more weeks, but I know so many of your are close to it that I wanted to share with you my two resources I had for the 100th day.  I have them on sale now until Sunday night.  I hope you have fun using them and enjoy the day as much as I do.  Just click on the pictures to find out more about them.  How do you celebrate the 100th day of school?


And if you are looking for some fantastic centers for the winter months don't forget about my Winter Success Kit and My Ultimate Roll and Read.  


These are my students favorite things to do and they are so easy....... just print and go!


Friday, January 3, 2014

Winner & Cool Site

Congratulations Abby!  
I will be in contact with you soon.  

Now, on to my New Year's Resolution.  Well, I'm trying.  LOL  But I did find this great website that has meals you can pre-make and then put them in your crock pot.  How cool is that?  She has 10 Easy Crock Pot Freezer Meals!  Meals that are made, you don't have to think about it and no running to the grocery store because you have forgotten an ingredient. I love it. 

 Check out her site here:

I wanted to share with you my latest creation.  

Includes Fact Families, Number Bonds, Commutative Property games.  

We are having a snow day today so I am going to be productive and get some cleaning done and maybe even take the Christmas tree down!  How many of you still have your Christmas tree up?  What do you do on snow days?  I might, just might go outside.  As many of you know, I do not like cold weather and since it is extremely cold here today I may just watch from inside but if I can find my hat and gloves maybe I will use that hill in our backyard for some sledding.  I will keep you posted!  


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, New You, New Freebies

 Have you set some New Years resolutions for yourself this year? I typically tell myself a thing or two that I want to do differently, but I never write them down or do anything to hold myself accountable for following through on them. This year I want that to be different! I want to set goals and I want to reach them.

My friends at Freebielicious and I want to share some of our goals and resolutions for 2014 with you! To help you get a jump start on the new year we've also added some freebies that may help you reach your own similiar goals. 

 I have been so busy taking care of my mom and running after my kids I have neglected to take care of myself.  So one of my goals this year is to get healthy and lose some of the weight that I have put on in the past 2 years.  I know that it will be a challenge for me..... no more gummy bears, but I need to eat better and I know I will feel so much better about myself.  

I know I am always on the go and when I get home from work is the worse time for me. I am so hungry and I just grab whatever I see (which is usually candy or chips) but, if I had a healthy snack or dinner ready I would sit down and eat that instead.  I found a whole bunch of great recipes that I can't wait to try out.  I am putting the links so you can try them too.  Leave me a comment when you do!  Also, here is a recipe card so you can write them down for the future!   Here is to a wonderful and happy 2014!

Click on the picture to grab your recipe card.

I found this great board on Pinterest that is called Skinny Snacks.  I love it because it has snacks not only for me but also adorable snacks for the kids.  Click below to see her board.
Skinny Snacks
Nine Healthy Snack Ideas
Awesome Healthy Snacks

and ......

for inspiration, check out Losing it with Lindsay on Facebook.  She is an inspiration to all of us that hard work and dedication can help us reach our goals!

Hop on over to see Jodi from Fun in First to see her  resolution for the New Year for another resolution and matching freebie!