Saturday, January 4, 2014

Getting Ready for the 100th Day and Easy Winter Centers!

One of my favorite days of the year is the 100th day of school.  On the very first day of school, we start the calendar and I tell the children that all those blank 10 frames will soon be filled up and then we are going to have a BIG party!  All they hear is party but that is ok.  Slowly, we put the dots in the ten frames and now that we are close, they keep telling me that it is almost time for the party. When we get to the last dot in the frame, it will 100 days of school.  I love it because now they are able to communicate using their math talk of how they know it will be the 100th day.  Some of them will say you can count by 1's on the ten frames.  I tell them I am way too old to count by 1's that would take way too long.  So then they say, you can count by 10's.  I always say,  "I like that answer better."   No matter how they get there, they all look forward to it.  We have a few more weeks, but I know so many of your are close to it that I wanted to share with you my two resources I had for the 100th day.  I have them on sale now until Sunday night.  I hope you have fun using them and enjoy the day as much as I do.  Just click on the pictures to find out more about them.  How do you celebrate the 100th day of school?


And if you are looking for some fantastic centers for the winter months don't forget about my Winter Success Kit and My Ultimate Roll and Read.  


These are my students favorite things to do and they are so easy....... just print and go!


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Dr. Maty said...

Oh Donna, just LOVE your ideas :) I'm going to use my 10 frames as part of my number are so smart! Would you share with us a picture of how do you display your hundred day count? I would love to see it!
To celebrate 100th day! I send home a 100 day project for the children to bring to school 100 day collections to display. They are always so proud of them! HAPPY COUNTING! I of course wear an apron I made just like mrs. Binder garden wears in her 100th day book ;)