Saturday, January 4, 2014

Let's Go Eagles and a Freebie!

Go Eagles...... here it comes ...... I can here my husband yelling at the TV already.  To cheer the Eagles on and hopefully to a win I have a number sense football freebie for you!  

Click on the picture to get it.  

Now the best part about the football games..... the food!  I am off to get some tasty treats!

Go Eagles!



SillyTeacher said...

Bummer:( My hubs and I are huge Eagles fans. He is slightly depressed right now:(

Thanks for the freebie:)

Thirty One Gifts said...

My husband is really depressed too. But they had a great season. I was really impressed!

Angie said...

Do you live in or near PA??? My hubs is from Philly and we live in PA (not as close to Philly anymore). He was bummed, but next year should be awesome! They did great for a year they weren't supposed to be good! :)
Thanks for the freebie!
Rulin' The Roost

Kinderglynn said...

Angie we are about 45 minutes from Philly, but my husband and I both went to Temple so we are Philly people at heart. What district do you teach in? I am in Redclay in Delaware.

Jennifer White said...

LOVe it! Makes me wish I was back in Kinder!!
First Grade Blue Skies