Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Well, it was just a few weeks ago that Ashley had a gymnastics meet in the Bahamas and I am really wanting to go back about now.  
In Delaware, we are at a balmy 4 degrees with wind chill -14.  Umm... Hello..... I do not do cold weather.  I would be the happiest person living in 100 plus degree weather all the time. 

 I love Maxine and I think she says it best when........

Thinking about Warm Weather again!

Ashley's gymnastics coach took this picture. 

But getting back to the Bahamas.  We had such a great time.  When we got there Tom had surprised us with a driver waiting.  If you are ever going to the Bahamas this is the service you want.  His mom owns it and he was the nicest driver EVER!  

 I would HIGHLY recommend her and you will be SO happy.  Read all the wonderful comments here on Trip Advisor.  

Her name is Sandra Ferguson and you can find all her information out here!

We had a blast in the Bahamas.  It was beautiful and Ashley did a great job.  

Vault: 5th
Bars: 3rd
Beam: 2nd
Floor: 4th
All Around: 3rd

Way to go Ashley!  I think my kids said it best in the airport coming home.  Look at those sad faces!

And so here we are now on this cold day......  haha  Summer is around the corner right?  Let's hope so.  In the meantime,  I hope this blog post made you smile with some funny pictures.  

 Maxine...... make us smile one more time........


Does this not say it all?  I found this last night while I was under my fleece blanket trying to stay warm.   She has the cutest blog and has so many adorable ideas and creations!  Sometimes being cold can be fun.  You can drink lots of hot chocolate!

Check out her blog here:

Tom and I say stay warm! Although, he is from Upstate New York, so I think he actually likes this weather.  He is enjoying his new tractor and has made trails through the backyard so the kids can go sledding down them.  Yes, he will always be a kid at heart and I will always be grateful that I can watch from inside and have the hot chocolate ready for them when they get back.  LOL  Someone has to sacrifice staying warm for the sake of others.  I volunteer!   Enjoy your day. Make a fire, cuddle with your family and remember summer is coming.




Unknown said...

I understand totally Donna. I just got back from a 2 week visit with my momma. It is frigid here in WV too!!!
Stay Warm My Friend

Kinderglynn said...

Melissa, Hope all was well. I do not like cold weather. It was so nice in the Bahamas. I just couldn't believe we were in shorts standing by a Christmas tree. I hope all is well with you. We need to catch up soon.

Christie said...

Hey Donna! It was -11 here in Missouri yesterday and we are on our 4th snowday! {I haven't seen my firsties since Dec 19th!} I with you...bring on 100 degree days! Btw-congrats to your daughter! My daughter also loves gymnastic & is constantly flipping all over the house! Stay warm!
Christie :)
First Grade Fever

Kinderglynn said...

I was so thinking about you the other day! This weather is just crazy and not seeing your kids since the 19th they may forget who you are. haha What a nice break though. They will be ready to come back and learn. Can't wait until summer though. when does it start to warm up out there?

Unknown said...

so jealous of the Bahamas trip!!! :)
Kindergarten Lifestyle

Kinderglynn said...

Jeannie, It was a lot of fun. The weather was really nice. We didn't want to leave! LOL

Mrs. C said...

I am so ready to book a trip!

Stephanie Schuler said...

The Bahamas?!? Are you trying to make all us poor, freezing Chicagoans jealous?!?