Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Classroom 2012-2013

Well, for the most part my classroom is complete. Whoo Hoo!! A little odds and ends and putting things away and we should be good to go. I can not believe the little ones are coming in on Monday. So far, I have 22 students. It is always fun to see their excitement on the first day of school. They looked so cute at the Meet and Greet. I want to thank all my bloggy friends for their wonderful creations on teacherspayteacher. Can you spy all the wonderful things from all of you in my classroom. Thank goodness too. I printed, laminated and cut out my things to hang and I lost them. So, somewhere in my room is a stack of posters and printables. My husband said, "Just reprint them because you know once you do, you will find the orignials." I think they are going to show up sooner or later so I am just fine waiting. I have so many other wonderful things to display. :) I hope all of you have a wonderful start to your school year. Click on the video to see my classroom!!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Almost Here!

Today we had our Meet the Parents. I have some really adorable little ones in my class this year. I am so excited about getting to know them even better on Monday. I was lucky enough to get a student teacher this semester too. Can I just say that she totally rocks! We are going to have a lot of fun teaching together. I think I am almost done decorating my room. My tree is very sad. I had a vision......... LOL that is all I will say. haha I am going to keep working on it all year. It is pretty sad looking right now. I am going to take pictures and post tomorrow. I am getting really excited to start the school year. Look for pictures tomorrow!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to School Sale and New Items on TPT!

Wow, is it really time to go back to school already? Tomorrow we start inservice! The kids come next Monday. It was great because we were able to get into our rooms last week. I "visited" my room and made some copies and tonight I am going to go through things and begin to organize. I am going to repeat to myself over and over this year, "I will be organized, I will be organized!" I did organize most of my centers and label them at the end of last year which I know will be great for me this year. I think I have finally found the way I like it. LOL Anyway, I created some things over the past few days and I wanted to share them with you incase you were needing any more decorations for your classroom!
I am also having a flash sale on my

See look how organized I am. I am ready for December. haha NOT!!
But it was worth a try.

I also have added some adorable Number Posters in different themes such as Owls, "Cool Cat", Monsters and look for some other themes coming soon. They have 119 pages! There are also a smaller version of the number cards to use in centers.
Check out my center that I am using DAY 1!! My kids always love my Speedy Race Games. I have them for both Reading and Math and have used them for Years. My theme this year is going to be.............Yup, you guessed it.........."IT'S ALL GOOD!" Remind me of that when I start to stress out. haha So I made a little "Cool Cat" Speedy Race to go with the theme.

I will post my room decorations and everything by the end of this week. Hopefully, most of it will all be done by then. I can not thank you enough for all your inspiration and wait until you see my room. I bet you all will recognize a lot of your things in it. haha Thanks so much for all you do and I wish everyone a


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back to School Sale and New Items on TPT!

I am so excited for the Back to School Sale at TPT. I have been working on some great units for everyone. I love the way The September Success Kit turned out. I know this is going to be a timesaver for me when school starts.
Check out some of my favorite items:

These are a few of my must haves for the beginning of the year. I will list some more tomorrow. Check them out and enjoy the beginning of your school year.