Sunday, August 2, 2015

Children LOVE the game of I Have...Who has...?
And so do the girls of Freebielicious!

Some of us got together to play a Back to School Edition of this fun game. Be sure to play from the beginning of the game by clicking on the image above.

Did you see Traci from Dragonflies in First clue here?

You got it right if you guessed me! 
 I love my Morning Math Unit.  

Here are some images from my unit:

This unit and my entire store will be on sale Monday and Tuesday for the Teachers pay Teachers 
Back to School Site-wide Sale!
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I absolutely love summer because I get to spend time with my family.   It is my favorite time of year.  I also do not like to be cold so I could totally do without winter.  I enjoy watching the snow from inside, but if I have to go out in it, I am not so happy.  Last year, we got the chance to go to California in the middle of the winter and I was so happy.  I think I realize that I could do without the change of seasons!

That should say I need Chip and Joanna so bad to bring a little bit of Texas to my Delaware ranch!  I have NO design ability whatsoever.  It is really sad.  My husband thinks he can do it, but he doesn't ever have the time.  I can't believe it will be almost 2 years and I still have a yellow floor (which might I add, it is the same yellow floor I had at my parents house back in the 70's) and a teal stovetop.  Oh my!  I absolutely love her design style. It is exactly the way I would love to have my house done.  Someday..... someday........


Are you ready for your next clue in our game!
Don't forget to guess which FREEBIELICIOUS author the clue is about, THEN click on the image below to find the answer.

Good Luck and have a wonderful beginning of the school year.  


Sunday, July 26, 2015

BTS Sale

Whose ready for a sale?

Summer is almost over and it is time to start thinking about all the fun things we will be doing this upcoming year.  To help get you excited, I put my entire store on sale!  I hope this will help you get some of the things on your wishlist! 

A few of my favorite items I like to start the year off with are:



This packet includes:
Beginning Letter Sounds Sheets: 
Who Let the Letters Loose?
Find the Capital and Lower case letter letters. 
Find the Letters and Numbers. 
Beginning Letter Cut and Glue: 
Super Beginning Sound Vocabulary
Purr...fectly Fast Letters
Letter Cards 
Identifying ABC Upper and Lower Case
Also included are ABC bingo boards 
Roll a Letter 
Glue the Pictures
Say 3 and Remember Me! 


This includes 93 pages for you to use as Morning Math work or pick and choose and create a Math Journal for your little ones. 
2 color pages
4 missing number pages
10 pages on the ways to show the numbers 1-10
5 pattern pages
4 graphing pages
34 word problems pages
(some pages have a visual way of showing how to solve the problem as well as a page for your higher level thinking students to complete on their own. Choose the one that best fits the need of your students)
30 pages on how may to make 10
(choose the one that best fits the need of your students)


This is a comprehensive and FUN 161 unit that has pieces for small group instruction, whole group instruction and independent literacy centers. There is also a component that can be copied and sent home for parents to help their children with initial sound fluency! The activity boards can be used on a powerpoint or smartboard. You can print them and laminate them for small group instruction (also includes b&w to send home). You can also cut them up and have the children play memory with them. Each activity builds the student's confidence and reinforces consistency with the words and pictures. Activities included are: LIteracy Center Gumball Game, Secret Code, Spelling Activities, Matching, Practice Writing, Cut and Paste, Sentences, Initial Sound Fluency Boards (can also be cut apart and used for picture cards) Elkonin Boxes. So much to choose from. I am so excited about this unit. Your children will love it and it will build a foundation and help them feel successful!

Use the secret code sheet to solve the mystery words. 
There are several recording sheets for your students to enjoy.
Find the number and record the letter that matches. Look at the finished word. What word did you make?
There are several different ways you can match the cups. I loved them all so I included them for you to decide or to play different ways. The students can match the word marshmallows and the picture on the bag of marshmallows to the correct cup OR they can
match the bag of marshmallows with the word on it and the marshmallow with the picture on it to the correct cup. I hope you enjoy both ways.
Black and White and Color versions included.


This is a great center and small group activity pack. I have included both black and white for all the activities. 158 pages (including both b&w) and 15 activities with a variety of recording sheets that can be used in a variety of different ways to meet the needs of your learners. Activities included are:
Ten Frames
Odd and Even
Senses Sheets
Roll a Number
Roll a Shape
Pp Handwriting
Identifying P
Roll a Word
Popping Math Write the Room
Sight Words 5 Times
Popcorn Bingo
Learning with Tally Marks
Popcorn Races with Sight Words




Patterns included are: ABAB, ABC, AAB and ABB. 
ABAB: 10 pages
ABC: 10 pages
AAB: 7 pages
ABB: 8 pages
Also include are bonus pages where the students have the missing pattern piece in the middle or beginning of the pattern and they must figure out which piece it is. There is one extra pattern piece in each answer. This gives provides a bit more of a challenge for the children to figure out which one does not belong.

Pattern Write the Room
There are several different ways to use this activity. I have provided a variety of Write the Room pieces for you to choose from. There are both black and white where you can create your own patterns, or colored ones that already have a pattern created for you. Also included are black and white cards that have the picture patterns on them. You can run them off on colored construction paper or white paper and color them. The children can walk around the room and write the pattern on the recording sheets. I have provided 2 different recording sheets so you can choose which one best fits the needs of your children. If they are unable to write the pattern they can draw the pattern and color it with crayons. 


This kit will help you all through the month of October. There are many different recording sheets for the activities to meet the needs of your learners. The activities are engaging and your students will have so much fun they will not even realize they are learning.
Included are:
--Identifying and Writing upper and lower case letters (can also be used for alphabetical order)
--beginning letter sounds
-- letter order
--identifying and matching words to pictures
--segmenting and chunking
--cvc words/bingo
--identifying sight words/ roll/spin and read
--identifying short a words/ roll/spin and read 
--sound segmenting
--sight word scramble
The games can be used as they are presented in this unit or you can be as creative as you like to meet your student's needs. All games come in color and black and white.

My Success Kits are great for centers, small group or 

RTI.  Check them out!


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Mega BTS Giveaway

Freebielicious would like to thank you for joining us for a week of linkies!  We had so much fun and appreciate you taking a few moments to pop in and see what we had to say!  We also have a bit of a surprise to share with you! How about a chance to win some money to spend at TeachersPayTeachers?  It won't take away any or all of your back to school blues, but it is sure to sweeten it!

 Head on over to Freebielicious to enter to win one of TWO $100 TpT gift cards!  But you will have to be quick!  Winners will be announced on Freebielicious on Sunday, July 26th at 9:00 AM CST. 

We will also have another surprise for you...because why?  Because we LOVE you and appreciate what you do day-in-day-out for your students!

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Good luck!


Friday, July 24, 2015

Fun Friday

So today I wanted to share with you some fun things we do in our classroom.  One of my favorite things we do is Go Noodle.

What is Go Noodle?  Well, Go Noodle helps take all that energy that the little ones have and channel it into something fun.   There are many ways you can do Go Noodle in your classroom.  When I started using it I had the all the letters to spell "Go Noodle" out and every time I caught the class being good we would add a letter to the board until we spelled it out and then we would perform the activity.  But...... as you can imagine, sometimes that takes a little longer than expected and the kids need something fun to do everyday to get their wiggles out so we started doing it in the afternoon every day.   It was something that they looked forward to and I saw a huge improvement in their afternoon performance.  (we had a really long afternoon!)   The kids love it because they get to 
choose a character and watch the character grow.  If you have never heard of Go Noodle, you definitely need to check it out.  

Another way I incorporate positive behavior is by using Class Dojo.  You can set Class Dojo up to suit your needs.   You choose what you want your students to get points for during the day and then you can have them go up and give themselves points or you can do it right from your small group using an app on your phone.  In my school, all of the classes connected together so if we saw another class being really good or we saw a child doing something kind or showing fabulous behavior, we could give the class or a child in another class points too.  It is a fabulous teaching tool.  You can even set up parent accounts so that the parents can see how their child is doing.  

Now for a few freebies from my store that the kids love to do.  If your students have a hard time learning their right from their left this is a perfect game for them.  The children will all start with three counters and depending on what they roll, they will either keep their counter, pass it to the right, pass it to the left or place one in the center.  The kids love it and I love it because everyone always stays in the game until the final counter is placed.   It really keeps the kids on their toes and they learn their right from their left really quick.   Just click on the picture to grab this freebie.

Another thing the kids love to do is practice their numbers especially their teen numbers.  We all want them to be able to say them quickly without thinking so this fun Speedy Race game featuring Pete the Cat will certainly help them.  The students roll a dice and whatever number they roll, they go to that line and say the numbers as fast as they can.  I also have this for lower numbers, letters, sight words, sentences.   They never get tired of playing this.  

I hope you liked these Fun Friday ideas and center games.  What fun things do you do in your classroom?  

Check out all the great ideas on the Freebielicious Gals blogs to see more fun activities.