Saturday, January 29, 2011

100th Day Math and Literacy

I have finally finished my 100th Day Math and Literacy. I was trying to be different from what was already out there so I hope you like it. It has 116 pages with so many math and literacy activities and they are differentiated as to meet the needs of all your students. Happy 100th Day! Click Here.

Happy Saturday!

Wow, I have been enjoying these days off. I better not get use to it, although I just heard that we could possibly be getting another huge storm this week. It will all depend on the track it takes. This weather is amazing. We had so much fun sledding yesterday at the giant hill. I will have to post pictures later. Have a great Saturday!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Left - Right - Center

Do you want to know a sure fire way to teach your kids left and right? This works every year for me. These games are great because no one is ever "out" while they are playing. All students are still in the game until the final person wins. The child may be out of a chip but you never know when the person next to you is going to roll and Right or a Left and then you are right back in the game. In fact, last year, my kids that were out payed even more attention because they wanted those chips to get back in the game. They are fun, exciting and the kids will want to play over and over again. Click on the words to see more information on the games:
Penguin LCR
Snowman LCR
Cookie LCR
There are even assessment sheets to go along with them!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fishing for Word Families with Penguins

Penguins love to eat fish. Well, these hungry penguins are hungry for word families. Can you feed them the right word family? This literacy center is working on 8 different word families: at, an, en, et, in, og, op and un. Match the fish to the correct penguin. There are FOUR different assessment sheets that you can choose from to best meet the needs of your students. Click Here to learn more.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kisses to CVC & CCVC Words

I love any kind of chocolate and who can resist these Hershey Kisses? Match the paper to the Hershey Kiss. Remember these are for playing with not eating. :) Click Here to learn more.

The Missing Number Bandit

Help who stole those numbers? Help our little Bandit find the missing numbers. There are three different games to play. Each game has a recording sheet. Click Here to learn more.

Bowling for Math Facts

If you love to bowl this is a great game for your classroom. The children will pick up a card and figure out the two addition sentences on each card. This has two levels of play. There are two recording sheets. They can write the two addition sentences or if they are ready for fact families they are able to to write the fact families for each card. Click Here to learn more.


I love doing Sudoku and what better way to help the children use logical thinking and reinforce the alphabet than an Alphabet Sudoku Board. There are 7 Gameboards all together and the missing letter pieces. There is also an answer key and a recording sheet for the children to write down their answers. Click Here to find out more.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Number Books

Well, I have finally finished my number books. I am so sorry that it has taken so long to do. Each Number Book has 10 pages of activities to do to reinforce the teen numbers. You can find them here: Number Books
Here is an example of the Number 17 Book:

Penguin Skip Counting

How much fun to do while teaching your Penguin Unit. Skip Counting by 5's. There are over 13 assessment sheets that go with these. There are 3 different color penguins for easy clean up and then they will not get confused. Click Here:

Math Games

New Math Games: Here are the direct links.

Building Numbers:

Double Dice:

Double Difference War:

Odd or Even:

Plus Dice Ten Frames:

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Moose Fact Families

I saw the cutest graphics the other night and was thinking about what I could do with Moose Antlers. So of course, I thought of Fact Families. I made this game that has 4 different levels of play to meet everyone's needs! The first is just copying the fact family down on what else...... A Moose Sheet! Once the children get more familiar with them they can go on and find the sum and then write the fact families down on their Moose Sheet. These cards would also make great flash cards. I love the idea of Math Mats, so I made mats to go with each sum that the children can also use these cards and sort them into the correct mat. The last of the cards (set 3) are used when they are able to figure out what number is missing in the number sentence. These also make great flash cards. With all this snow, how can you not use a Moose in the classroom! Check them out here.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Robot Sight Words

This is a cute activity that we do in the classroom to reinforce our Word Wall Words. I like to look at the stores after the holidays and pick up things on sale. A few years ago, I was in Pottery Barn Kids and they had their trick or treat bags really cheap. I picked up a tin can one and made the kid's word wall words on the robots and put them in the tin can bag. The kids draw one card at a time and if they can say the word they get to keep it and if not they put it back in the bag. Click here to download the Robot Cards.