Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Moose Fact Families

I saw the cutest graphics the other night and was thinking about what I could do with Moose Antlers. So of course, I thought of Fact Families. I made this game that has 4 different levels of play to meet everyone's needs! The first is just copying the fact family down on what else...... A Moose Sheet! Once the children get more familiar with them they can go on and find the sum and then write the fact families down on their Moose Sheet. These cards would also make great flash cards. I love the idea of Math Mats, so I made mats to go with each sum that the children can also use these cards and sort them into the correct mat. The last of the cards (set 3) are used when they are able to figure out what number is missing in the number sentence. These also make great flash cards. With all this snow, how can you not use a Moose in the classroom! Check them out here.


Ms.M said...

Cute clipart. Thanks. Nice remodle on you blog.

Ms. M

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