Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Almost Here!

Today we had our Meet the Parents. I have some really adorable little ones in my class this year. I am so excited about getting to know them even better on Monday. I was lucky enough to get a student teacher this semester too. Can I just say that she totally rocks! We are going to have a lot of fun teaching together. I think I am almost done decorating my room. My tree is very sad. I had a vision......... LOL that is all I will say. haha I am going to keep working on it all year. It is pretty sad looking right now. I am going to take pictures and post tomorrow. I am getting really excited to start the school year. Look for pictures tomorrow!!

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Mrs. Greene said...

I just found out yesterday that I am getting a student intern. I can't wait! Our classes are about 5 kids over our class size limit so the extra hands and eyes are going to really help!

Have a great year!