Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Unit.... Help!!

Ok, so I have been totally absorbed in my unit for November. I have included everything you may need for small group, whole group, centers and it has different levels so that all the children will be successful. I am completely stuck on a name now. Ugh.... Anyone? Anyone? Can you help? It is 228 pages and for both your math and literacy block. I think I used all my creative juices. If I pick your title I will send it to you for free!!! How's that for motivation? haha I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks so much!!


See Me Teach said...

I tried posting this from my phone but I don't think it worked. How about Nifty November or Literacy and Math Centers to be Thankful for?? :)

Keys4Education said...

Ok I have a few titles: Terrific Turkey Time, Thoughtful Thanksgiving, Novel November, iNNovative November, AND newfangled November. Whew! That is all I have; however, I would absolutely LOVE your November unit! :o)

jennkeys @ gmail . com

Kelly M said...

What about something like...

November Cornucopia of Literacy and Math Activities

Gobblin' up November Literacy and Math Activities

michee said...

November Bundle of Thanks: math and literacy activities

Kathleen said...

Math, Literacy and all the Fixin's
Comprehensive Resource Pack for November

--you could have clip art of turkey, cranberries, pie, etc. on the cover :)

Ms. Martin and Friends said...

How about Time for Turkeys or Pilgrims & Indians & Turkeys, Oh My! ???

Shawna Rogers said...

A Bounty of Math & Literacy for November.
Bountiful Learning for Kinders
A Bounty of Fun for November: Math & Literacy Activities

Chrissy & Nate said...

November names... Hmm...


"We Are Thankful! November Literacy and Math Activities"

"Turkey Time/Time for Turkey! November Literacy and Math Activities"

"FALL-ing for November! November Literacy and Math Activities"

" 'Leaf' the Learning to Us! November Literacy and Math Activities"

"Bountiful Harvest! November Literacy and Math Activities"

"Harvesting Some Good Learning/Learners! November Literacy and Math Activities"

Hope that helps!
Chrissy: (formerly "Wild About Kindergarten")


Shawna Rogers said... more...
A Bountiful Bundle!

KT said...

Gobble, Gobble, Yum, Yum, Math and Literacy Unit of Fun!

Dusty said...

How about
A November Feast of Learning
with all the Fixin's

Unknown said...

It's Turkey Time! Gobble up some math and literacy activities!

lovekinder said...

Turkey Stuffed with Literacy and Math!!!

Miss W said...

How about - So Much To Be Thankful For: Math and Literacy Activities for November?

Miss W

Stacey Kaiser said...

Let's GOBBLE up some fun! Literacy and Math Activities for November
A FEAST of Literacy and Math Activities for November

Stacey Kaiser

Shelia said...
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kathie said...

I really like Kelly M's.......November Cornicopia of math and literacy activities

christy.inglis said...

How about Gobble til you Wobble... Math and Literacy for November.

Peace Love Kindergarten said...

Gobblin' Good Actvivites Your Kids Will Be Thankful For!

Rachelle said...

I vote what Kathleen said!

Noelia Martín. said...

Hi! I love your blog. My title is ...
"Work and fun in November: a good way to learn"
I hope you like.
Greetings from Spain.

Annie Moffatt said...

Knock Out November!

Crayons and Curls said...

Gobble up Literacy and Math - Fun activities for November! :)

teacher149 said...

Gobblin' great activities for your lil' turkeys!

Jackie P. said...

November Knowledge: Math and Literacy Activities
Nifty November Math and Literacy Activities

Stephanie said...

"Nothin' But November"

Shelia said...

How about:
"Marvelous Menus for November" or
"November's Nifty Centers" or
"Gobbling Good Centers"

cdeforge said...

Gobblin' With Thanksgiving
Thankful for Thanksgiving Activities

Brenda said...

Here's a few ideas...I would be soooo thankful to win this!!! I am sure it is amazing!!

November ABC's and 123's:
So Much to be Thankful For!!

Get Stuffed on Literacy and Gobble Up Math:
A November Unit for Literacy and Math Centers

Greatful for Glynn's Creativity:
November Learning Centers for Literacy and Math

Brenda B.

Shelly said...

Sounds wonderful....some ideas:

A November to Remember

Hearty Harvest

Happy Harvest

:) Shelly

Caitlyn's Mom said...

Pilgrims.... Indians.... Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!

SAS said...

Now that is motivation! A free unit?? Here are my thoughts (even though I don't have an original one for my mini unit - I'm talking 20 pages..not 228). :)

Turkey Time in Math and Literacy
Thankful for Thanksgiving: A math and literacy unit you will be Thankful for
Thinking of Thanksgiving - A math and literacy unit
Turkey Time - You will learn to add and how to rhyme

It's Monday...Halloween...I'm pooped and out of juices too. Good luck!

Kindergarten Korner

Gretchen said...

228 pages?! The only thought that comes to my mind is
"STUFFED" Everything you need for Literacy & Math in November!


Thomas Family said...

Let's Not Talk Turkey!

Cathy said...

Have a NO-hassle November
All You Need to "NO" for Reading and Math