Sunday, September 2, 2012

Math Morning Work Flash Sale!!

Click on one of the images below to take you to my store.

I have always had my students do morning work as they are coming in from breakfast or from the bus. I like to keep them busy before the bell rings and the announcements start. Usually it has been some type of Language Arts work, but at the end of last year I started to put some math morning work together to go with the common core standards, our Singapore Math program and mainly any other type of math program out there. LOL I have finally finished my Beginning of the Year one and I am having a FLASH SALE on it for half price. It is 93 pages and lots of choices on how you would like to use it.

Check it out.

I will send it to the first 2 people who respond to this post. I hope you enjoy it.

Iam also working on many requests for my number books to go to 30. I hope I will have those done soon too!!


Andi said...

Looks awesome!

Libby said...

Awesome! I'm looking for a way to add more math.
First Grade Dual

Sandra said...

A little too late but that's ok! It looks great!
Too bad I don't teach kinder anymore! :)

Sweet Times in First

Teacher Lisa said...

Ohhh, so close!! Looks great!

Christine Wicklund said...

Looks so cool, I need more math for my kids

Christine Wicklund

Miss Emily said...

So close! Looks great though. Always trying to find new ways to get in more math!

Cindy Lusk said...

awww shucks!!! Too late :-)

All Things Teachery

Kinderglynn said...

Thanks everyone. Libby please send me your email so I can the unit. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Donna, I love what you make! It is always right on to what kinders need and can do!

Julie said...

Love your stuff. What a great idea.

Julie said...

Love your stuff. What a great idea.

DebbieD said...

This is what my kiddos need. I also purchased Ms. Frizz meets Brown Bear. It's adorable. Where did you find the clip art for Ms. Frizz? I was wanting to use this for a 5 senses anchor chart.
Thank you!