Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Getting Ready Part 2.....

Last year when I was rethinking some of the activities I was doing in my classroom, I made a list of centers that the children really enjoyed doing over the years and that were successful in their learning process.  From that I created Success Kits to be used for small group, independent learning and RTI.  They have so many different activites in them at all different levels.  I wanted to make sure they were going to meet the needs of all my learners.  They really improved my student's scores and even when we would have extra time or indoor recess the kids would ask to play the "games."  It was a win, win situation for me.  I love when children want to learn and they do not even know they are learning!  So I wanted to make sure that I shared them with you.  These were such a big hit with everyone last year.  

Look at some of the activities included in this pack.  There are even more that are not pictured!





Check out my other Success Kits.  




Looking for an easy way to introduce Math Journals?  You will love this packet.  This will meet the needs of all your learners.  There are a variety of different sheets included.  My student's loved this pack.


Check out my combination of 10 flash cards too.  These are such a great resource for your children.  I use these every day to begin my math lesson.

 One of my best sellers is my Amazing Word Book.  


I hope these help you in your classroom.   


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Anonymous said...

Do you have a bundle pack for all your month success kits?