Friday, October 4, 2013

We Bought a House!

Where have I been?  I can't believe it is October and I have not blogged at all in September.  First, I want to say thank you to all of you who constantly reach out to me about my mom.  We are all in such a better place then we were this time last year.  My mom is still in a nursing home, but a good one now.  We are hoping to bring her home in November.  It was a really hard year and my frustration is because of all the nursing homes and doctors out there who do not have the patients best interests at heart.  If I knew then what I know now.........  

So what did I do this September that has kept me so busy?  Ashley, turned 10 at the end of September. I have NO idea where the time has went, but I couldn't be more proud of my baby girl.  She makes me smile every time I look at her!

AND, we just bought a house.  I am so excited.  I love the house and it has such beautiful views and it is certainly one that we will be able to make our own over the years to come.  What makes it even more special is the people we bought it from.  It is really important to me to know that the house was loved and this house certainly was.  The owners took care of this house and lived in it for 30 years!  It was heart breaking to me when they handed over the keys. It was not easy for them to do.  I hope they know how much we will love this house in the years to come.

In honor of all the chaos that has happened in the last month and I am sure much more to come, I am throwing a sale in my store.  Enjoy 20% off all weekend.  I hope to be able to start to create some more wonderful things for you to use in your classrooms. 



Jeannie Partin said...

Wow you have been busy Donna! Love those window and congrats on the new house!

Kindergarten Lifestyle

Leonard George said...

It's great to hear that you've finally found a house you see to be your home in many years to come, Donna! And it's even greater that you know that the house was loved by its previous owners. I'm sure you're going to love living there. Well, congratulations and good luck on all of your house projects, which you probably have listed by now! :)
Leonard @ Remax Crest

Veronica Welch said...

Congrats Donna for your new home and well wishes for your mom.

Abdul Jackson @ South-Carolina.ChurchillMortgage said...

Memories are one of the factors that make a house a home. Separation is never easy, but I'm sure that you'll take care of the house like they did, so no need for them to worry. The house that they took care for 30 years is on good hands. Cheers for more wonderful years in your new house! :)

Genny said...

Nothing quite like a house to call your own, heheh. Always very fulfilling. This is something that everyone should have, and not have to struggle so much for, and thus should avail of resources with which to get one. Congrats on making that purchase, which looks like it's more than worth the effort. Happily enthused here as well!

Genny @ Churchill Mortgage