Friday, November 1, 2013

ESGI Winners!!

A few weeks ago, Delaware hosted its first Kindergarten Conference for the state.  It was called the Great Starts Delaware Kindergarten Conference.  It was so much fun to see so many Delaware teachers participate in a full day conference filled with so many wonderful presenters and ideas.

The winners of the ESGI giveaway are:

Brenda Widerman and Lori Nichols 

Congratulations ladies!

As many of you know, one of my all time FAVORITE things to use in my classroom is ESGI.  I have used this for so many years and I LOVE IT!  This program has made my testing so much easier and quicker.  I spend less time testing kids and more time teaching.  One of the many fabulous features about this program is that I can make my own tests or use one of the many tests included.  And ESGI has some exciting news coming soon, but you will just have to wait and see what they are going to release soon!!  Another fabulous feature is that after I test my children, in one click of a button I am able to print a parent letter to send home and let the parents immediately know how their child did on the test.  I love it, the parents love it. It is a win, win situation for everyone!

But enough about me talking about it, check it out for yourself:

I always tell people once I tried this program, I was hooked and you will be too.  Sign up for the free 60 day trial.  You will not regret it.  Use code 1006 for a special discount if you decide you would like to continue with ESGI after your 60 days or you can click on the button that says Free Trial Registration.  Once you use it you will never go back to paper and pencil testing again.  Also, if you live in Delaware this is now in the process of being part of the Component 5 testing materials.  How exciting is that?  Don't miss this fabulous opportunity!


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