Sunday, December 8, 2013

Please Help Us Save Temple Men's Gymnastics

Click on the above picture to learn more about the achievements of these young men and how this program does not ask for a lot of money from the school, but is supported through donations.  To cut this program is a BIG mistake.

As many of you know my husband and I were both Temple Gymnasts.  It was and still is our passion. Our community of friends are still Temple gymnasts as well as, other athletes and friends that we were fortunate to meet during our years there.  On December 6th the gymnastics team along with several other teams were notified that as of June 2014 there sport would no longer exist at Temple.  The Temple Men's team has won countless ECAC team and individual championships.  Freddy, the coach has produced not only numerous Olympians but also NCAA Champions,  National Team Members and continuously produces a team that is constantly ranked for their academic achievements.  This year alone, the Temple Team was ranked 3rd in the United States for the academics. 

Look at this video and even if you know nothing about gymnastics you have to respect what these kids do! 

This is a fight that we can not do alone.  We need to stop taking athletic programs away in the colleges. They go way beyond just doing a sport. Many of these athletes would not be able to attend college if it was not for these scholarships and programs to be available.  The bonds they form go beyond what anyone can ever see.  To say it is just a sport and we do not have the money to fund it is ridiculous.  They are breaking tradition which has been part of the school for decades.  My husband and I are just devastated over this decision and are supporting the team in anyway that we can.  These kids deserve to compete.  Please help us my signing our petition and also passing it along to your friends and family.  Anyone who has ever played a sport knows the work, dedication, sacrifice and commitment that it takes to succeed.  The discipline is something that can not be taught.   These kids are our future.  I want to work with kids that know what it is like to give 110% everyday and always strive harder to reach their goals.  I want them to look at the little kids growing up and give back.  This is what it is all about.  If you could just take a few seconds and sign this I on behalf of many athletes, friends, family members and future Temple students would greatly appreciate it.  Know that you ARE making a difference.  I wish I could share all the emails that I have received from parents telling about how being in a sport has made a difference in their children's lives.  

Thanks so much.  
Please click on the pictures to sign.  

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support!

Tom and Donna


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