Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day Packet

I have so many things I am grateful for today. Kristen made me my new blog template and I love it. Head over to her site and look at the premade ones she has: They are fabulous.

I finally finished the last of my Valentine's Day packets. I could have went on forever, but since it is on Monday, I decided I better stop and post. There is always next year. It is filled with all kinds of math and literacy centers. You can use it throughout the month! Hope you like it. It is 69 pages of fun. You can find it Here.



Mrs. Saoud said...

You are fabulous. How long does it take you to create files this big? I have been working all night on a continent and landform unit and I am 1/4 of the way through.


Kinderglynn said...

That sounds about right. Usually about a good 40-50 hours. But that is because I really do try to think about what people want and need. I will put a few different recording sheets, or have to find the "right" font and "right" graphics to go on them. LOL But what I have found to help, (if I don't lose them) is to also whenever I think of ideas, jot them down on a piece of paper. I need to get a notebook, because I end up with all these yellow stickies everywhere. I love doing this though. But you are right. It takes such a long time, but in the end I love what I make and I am proud of it, thanks so much for your comments. If I can ever help let me know. I think the very best thing about making things is getting to meet and talk with so many different people. I feel so lucky to have so many "cyber" friends and when I finally get to meet them in person, that is just awesome! I have built so many wonderful friendships throughout the years. I really feel blessed!

mikey said...

Love the new pretty! The Valentine unit looks awesome too!

Kinderglynn said...

Thanks so much. I love pink and green!!