Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kinderglynn Named in the Top 5 Blogs Written by KIndergarten Teachers

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Wow, I am completely humbled that the California Teaching Credential named my blog as one of the top 5 best blogs written by Kindergarten teachers. What an honor! I absolutely love what I do each and everyday. Many days can be challenging, but I can not think of any place else I would rather be in life. I have made so many wonderful friends throughout the United States while traveling to conferences and have built amazing friendships through blogging. I feel like I have known all of you my whole life.

There is something very special about being in education. It is not like any other profession. I think it is incredible to be part of a group that shares the same passion and goals. I love being part of something where everyone is so creative and full of energy. I love that we are able to share our creations and help each other solve problems along the way. I can truly say, it is one big family and I am so happy to be part of it. I know I can always depend on you when I need help, and I hope you know I am always here for anything you may need. I am always in awe of what everyone does in their classrooms.

I want to give BIG shout outs to everyone who teaches and congratulations to all who were in the top 50. So many of you I know and admire! I hope everyone has a fantastic summer. I know if you are like me, it will be making, creating and thinking about the new school year! If anyone is going to conferences this summer, let me know. I will be presenting at the Frog Street Press Conference in Dallas in July. Thanks to all of you for what you do each and every day. When we are all working together as a "team" it makes all of our jobs so much easier! Can't wait to see what next year brings!


Mrs. Saoud said...

Congrats! I happen to agree.

Kinderglynn said...

Thanks you are SO sweet and I am so happy to be part of this wonderful community. You all Rock so much!
(now if I could ever figure out making those links I would be so happy. haha)

KreativeinKinder said...

That's exciting! You definately deserve it. Thanks for inspiring so many of us!!

Deedee Wills said...

Way to go!
Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Barb Gaither said...

AWESOME!! I can tell you love what you too!

Ms.M said...

I am late, but I wanted to say CONGRATS on being in the top 5!!!

Ms. M
Ms.M's Blog
A Teacher's Plan

Kinderpond said...

See, websites are one thing, but blogs are another :)

Good thing you are a quick learner :)

Much luv!


Kinderglynn said...

Jennifer you know I say it often, but you rock. Ok, I admit it ..... I LOVE BLOGGING. I love this family I have on here. I wish I there was a school for us and we could all teach together. It would be incredible. It is such a pleasure to come home to this second world with people who are so filled with energy and love for what they do and see how they do it in their classroom. I love gathering the ideas and I love communicating back and forth with everyone. The book clubs, the links (which I need to learn how to do still) everything. Amazing is all I can say! I think we all need to get together and have a conference TOGETHER!

Sandra Guntorius said...

Congratulations Donna. I will be at Frog Street in Dallas too it would be great to meet and put a face with a name. Thanks for all the great ideas.

Dual Kinder Teacher said...

Yahoo! Congrats!

Tamara L. Chilver said...

Congrats! I saw you on the list and I'm very excited for you! Way to go!

Tamara from TBA

Kinderglynn said...

Thanks Tamara. I was really excited to see my blog and what a surprise!!

Kinderglynn said...

Thanks everyone! What a surprise! I love what I do and it was an honor to be recogized.