Saturday, May 28, 2011

Parent's Survival Guide to Summer

Are you looking for a resource to hand out to parents to give them some fun ideas on what to do this summer? This is for you. It is a wonderful resource of creative ideas to create family bonding time. Every year my parents ask for something that can help them have fun with their kids. This has over 35 ideas and links to help them do just that. There is also a list of companies that are offering neat incentives or reduced prices during the summer months. This is a great resource to copy and send home for the summer with parents. It is 14 combined pages of fun!

Click here to learn more. It is in black and white for easy copying.



LaNesha Tabb said...

loves it. This would have been perfect for my summer send off party! =)

Kinderglynn said...

LOL Glad you like it. I wanted something fun for the parents to do with their kids over the summer and also give them resources for companies who offer things. Thanks again!