Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Hollywood and Monsters Reading and Writing Posters

Sorry for the short post we are off to look at another dog. He is so adorable. I will let you know how it goes. I just posted these! Hollywood and Monster Themed!

Click here:

Click here:
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Busy Bees said...

Love the new reading strategies cards. I just need to decide what theme I want. I am doing a pirate theme this year. I am keeping my fingers crossed for your dog. BTW how did your 31 party go...I had a party Monday but have not chosen my stuff yet. LOVED THE 15% off.

Kinderglynn said...

It was great. I have to post! I have been running around since then. LOL The dog didn't like my husband. Ha ha He kept barking at him . He was adorable but I am not so sure he would have fit in with our other two dogs though. I saw another one that is much closer to our house I would love to run down and look at today. I just feel so sad for any animal that is in a shelter. I wish I could adopt them all!