Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Smart Board Must!

Are you looking for an incredible resource to learn more about smart boards or increase your skills in using your smart board? Well, Monica Schroeder has made it easy for you to enhance your classroom while learning awesome techniques.
Get ready for

Smart Board Bootcamp!

Inside you will find videos that will help you create magic in your classroom. Everything from organizing links, skype, sign in boards, videos/slideshows, how to prepare your classroom for your smart board and SO much more. What I love about this resource is that you can watch and listen to Monica as she goes step by step to show you how calendar is done in the classroom, finding those pre-made lessons to save time, using the tools in smart board to get your students excited about learning. Looking for a great behavior management activity, it is all covered. This is comprehensive and a great resource you will find yourself going back to for reference many times. Don't wait Check this out now!!


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