Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Where is the Summer Going?

Wow, I can not believe it is the middle of July already. I have been having so much fun with my family that the time is just flying. I hope everyone is having a blast. There is still so much I want to do this summer. Ashley is hoping to take a trip to the American Girl Store. I was thinking of going to New York with her, but then I found out there is on in Washington D.C. so I am thinking of going to that one instead. Has anyone been to either of them? Opinions? She will be so excited.

We are not going to make it to Florida this summer. :( I wish they had some cool water parks a little closer to us. We have Hershey Park and Dorney Park is not too far away either and of course there is Six Flags but I was looking for something a little more Disney like. Any suggestions?

George has his "boot camp" next week for high school. I can tell he is more than excited about getting up before noon. LOL After all, it is summer. :) Anthony is content doing almost anything. He found out there is a big sale online with some games and he is as happy as a clam.
So before summer ends I am still looking for some more exciting places to go and visit. We are all into any kind of trips whether it be day, overnight or for a week.

What is your favorite place to go?


Tonia said...

I have been to the American Girl store in Chicago, it's amazing.
have fun!

Lisa R. said...

I love visiting New York!! I went with my mom several years ago & we had a great time. Washington DC is great also. There are plenty of museums to visit there too. I think wherever you pick, you will have fun! :)
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Cindy Solomon said...

We have been to the American Girl store in New York and it is AWESOME!! Even my husband enjoyed the trip. There are different floors each with something different to offer. Check out the one in DC.

Rebecca said...

Mexico!!! Mexico, Mexico, Mexico! I love going down to Cabo and doing nothing! That's about the only time my silly blogging addiction actually takes a back seat :/ Just don't go late in the summer. It gets too hot and humid.


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Sarah Paul said...

I love going camping during the summer! We get a lot of rain here (in Portland Oregon), but our summers are just beautiful. Not too hot either. So, truly I like to stay here during the summers. Ask me again the other 9 months of the year. Ha! :)
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Violet said...

I drove down to Miami stopping in each state even if just for half an hour it was amazing.