Monday, July 20, 2015

Must Have Monday!

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  This week the Freebielicious gals are all sharing some fun things with you.  Today is our MUST HAVES for our classroom.  

For me, there are always the obvious things I need every year such as bins for the kids to put their work and cups for their pencils, scissors, glue and crayons.  I like the seat sacks so that their folders are not all over the place and it helps them stay organized and also helps my classroom stay neat.  When I got to thinking about what the MOST important things for me would be this is what I came up with as the things I couldn't live without.

Dixon Ticonderoga Beginners Primary Pencils

Everyone who knows me, knows I LOVE these pencils.  They stay sharpened for longer periods of time which is the number one reason why I love them.  I also like the way the students are able to grip them and also I do not know if it is because they are fatter than a normal pencil or not, but the students don't lose them as fast. haha   That is always a good thing!


Dry Erase Sleeves

Another must have for me are the white again dry erase sleeves.  If you are lucky and have a dollar store close to your house they actually have them there or you can order them online.  A dollar that is a great bargain!  You can also purchase them from Really Good Stuff or Amazon.  I love these because the kids can keep them in their seat pockets and they do not take up any space and they are really light.  We use them ALL the time so it is much easier for them to carry around the classroom then the white boards.  
*** A good idea I have used for many years is to have one side with a white piece of paper and the other side with a colored piece of construction paper.  I use red construction paper.  When the students have completed what you asked them to do on their white board, they flip it over to the red side and then I can scan the room and see who is done and who needs more time.  ***

The Folding Crate on Wheels 

I know I am not the only one who carries tons of things home on a daily basis.  This is so much easier to use then a lot of bags that end up hurting my shoulders.  I can remember when these were 15.99 and you could get them on sale for 9.99.  Although the price has went up, I still think it is worth it.  Usually before schools starts Staples has them for 19.99 on sale.  


And finally, a good cup of coffee never hurt anyone.    

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Mary said...

I can totally see you wheeling that thing back and forth! And pulling it out at the gym for your daughter.
Sharing Kindergarten

Jessica Zannini said...

I will add those dry erase pockets to my shopping list for today! I don't know how I have missed these. Those carts are a life saver, well that and coffee!

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