Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wonderful Idea Wednesday

I have thought about what is a wonderful idea ...... what was my most time saving tip in my classroom and this is what always comes to mind.  

Homework Clips

My friend Karla told me about this last year and I am so glad that she did.  I love it.  We had special first thing in the morning so the kids would come in and have about enough time to put their stuff away, hand in their homework and line up to go to their special.   That may sound like a great deal, having your first period as a planning period and sometimes it was, but most of the time it wasn't.  It was very hectic.  We lost a lot of our plannings during the week to meetings also so when the kids got back I needed to know right away who did not hand in their homework or who was absent.  Well this was my saving grace!

It is so simple, yet made my life so much easier.  All you do is get a clothes pin and put a number on it for each student in your classroom.  Each child has their own number.  I could easily look down at the number and know that number 5 was Ashley and ask her where her homework was for the day.  It was such a great organizational tool for me.   The kids loved it because they also started putting their number on their papers so when they would forget to write their name, they had their number so I could easily tell whose paper it was.  I love this. It is quick and easy and worked like a charm.  I hope you can use this in your classroom.  

What is a wonderful idea that you have that I can use in my classroom this year?


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