Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tell Us About You Tuesday

Hello Friends,

My name is Donna and I am a teacher in Delaware.  I have been teaching since 1993.  To me that seems like just yesterday, but I realize it was a LONG time ago. haha   I have my B.S. in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education.  I have my Masters Degree in Reading and I am also Special Ed certified.  Most of you know me as Kinderglynn because I have taught Kindergarten for a really long time, but did you know that last year I moved to 2nd grade?  It was a big change, but I really enjoyed it.  I had taught 2nd grade many years before, so it was neat to go back and teach it again.  I had most of my same kids that were in Kindergarten with me so that was a lot of fun to see them again and all they have accomplished.  You never know what the future will hold so I am always looking for new adventures in teaching.  

(This is us back in 1996)

I have been married since 1996.  I first saw my husband at a Temple University Gymnastics meet.   I told my mom that day that I would marry him.  I didn't even know who he was at that point, although he looked like Shaun Cassidy and who didn't love Shaun Cassidy.  (Ok, so I am really showing my age now)   LONG story short, although I saw him during my college years (he is 5 years older than me) I didn't really talk to him.  After I graduated we met up again through a mutual friend and from that day forward were together.  I guess I did know what I was talking about all those years before.  Oh and for those of you that do not know both my husband and I were both gymnasts at Temple University.  

(This is one of my favorite pictures of us)

 We have 3 kids and 4 dogs.   Needless to say, there is always something going on in this house.  My oldest son is going to be a Senior in high school.  I can't believe I have a Senior.  Where does the time go?   My middle son is going to be a freshman in high school and my daughter is going into 6th grade.   George loves to play volleyball and he is really good at it.  Anthony is going to try out for the football team this year and I am so excited for him.  Ashley does gymnastics.   If the kids schedule weren't enough we have 4 dogs.  Dudley, Charlie, Bear and Brownie.  I think they keep us on our feet more than our kids.  And if anyone can tell me a way to make them stop shedding I would SO appreciate it. haha   

Head on over to Freebielicious and find out more about all of us.  I hope everyone is enjoying there summer.  Tell me something about you!


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