Saturday, June 11, 2011

Blends, Digraphs, Words Oh My!

Are you looking for a MUST HAVE literacy center? This is it. My kids LOVE these centers. They flip over the game pieces and first they have to read the letters on pieces and mentally flip them to make a word. Once they have done that, they find the matching color on the game board and see if they can make a word. The kids have so much fun and they love flipping the words in their brains.
click here and here:

click here

click here


Kreative in Kinder said...

These are so cute!! What programs do you use to create them? :)


Kinderglynn said...

I have a Mac, I use the program "pages." I love it.

Sheila O. said...

Are Making Words and Creating Words in the same package? If not, I'm having trouble locating Creating Words. They both look great!
Please advise.

Kinderglynn said...

HI Shelia,
I am sorry for some reason the link was not working correctly. Here is the link for Creating Words:
I hope you enjoy them!