Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Introducing Anthony and his Fishing for Multiplication Game

With a little bit of help, mostly just answering his questions and showing him the front of a fish project I was working on, my son created this game for his game day in school! I am one proud mama. I now realize I have a little mini me on my hands. I am going to hire him! LOL He did a really great job. It is multiplication.

Check it out here.

He is selling it for 2.00. He said mommy, this is more fun than a lemonade stand. I am going to earn my summer money early this year. I love it!! He is so sweet. Please leave a comment so I can share it with him. :)



Ms.M said...

He is very talented just like his mommy. Honestly if I taught multiplication I'd buy it. Maybe I can put in a request for him to make some kindergarten or 1st grade alphabet or word work. Ha, ha.

He did a very good job. :)

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Mrs. Saoud said...

I purchased the unit and rated with a message. I will add it to a collection of centers for next weeks camping theme. I plan to add pictures of the center with my camping post so you can share this center in use with him.


Kinderglynn said...

I just woke him up to tell him he sold one. He came running down the steps. I am seriously going to ask him to help me this summer! LOL Spread the news to your upper grade teachers. LOL He is the sweetest child. So quiet and good. Definitely the middle child. My other two are VERY outgoing and social. Hee hee!!

Kinderglynn said...

He just was so excited to read your comment!

Kinderglynn said...

That is so awesome. I am going to have him respond tomorrow. He will be so excited.

Mrs. Saoud said...

I'm happy he is happy! :)

Heather Simpson said...

Way to go, Anthony!!! :)